Christmas Cookie Wreath

If you are entertaining this Christmas its good to double up things where possible and this eyecatching Christmas cookie wreath can be a centrepiece for your table and then dessert. I used a ballerina cookie cutter by for the wreath and just rotated it.

What you will need:



  • Piping Bags ( I use zip locks and clips)
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
  • Cookie cutters

Cut out and bake your cookies as in the recipe and while they are cooling, roll out some white fondant and cut into little circles for the orange slices. You can pipe these oranges onto parchment with royal icing if you prefer but they will need around 24 hours drying time. You could also substitute these with dried orange slices. Using your food colouring paint the orange slices to resemble oranges and leave to dry. Colour some fondant green and shape some leaves for the wreath foliage and leave to dry.

Make up some thick (toothpaste) consistency green royal icing. Using the chocolate icing pipe some branches onto your cookies and then using green royal icing pipe on some pine needles to give it a Christmas feel and leave the cookies to dry. In a bowl make some extra thick red royal icing, so thick it comes together in one ball and you can roll it in your hands without it sticking to them (your hands will get a little coloured but it washes off). Take pieces of this red icing and roll and shape into berries, leave to dry and then paint the berry tips brown. You can use this extra thick royal icing method for the pine cones also, roll them into a ball and use a little scissors to snip away the sections. Or you can do the same to modelling chocolate or fondant.

Now its time to construct the wreath, place your cookies in a circle on a plate or board, and top with your fondant leaves, orange slices and pine cones. Using the chocolate icing pipe on some branches and add the berries. There you have a fun delicious Christmas wreath and if a cookie falls into your mouth before your guests arrive you can just make the wreath smaller! x

2 thoughts on “Christmas Cookie Wreath

  1. Sally, I realized that as wonderful as you are, I still hadn’t explored much of your page and now here I am learning so much more about what it is that you do. Your blog posts are awesome and your dad cookie kit was such a fun read. I love that there are so many more details on here about how it is you get your cookies to be so pretty and the planning that goes into some of your posts. Keep these blog posts and instagram posts coming! You are so talented, my friend!


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