3D Royal Icing Skeleton

My kids always ask for skeleton cookies in the lead up to Halloween, which I like to make but so it doesn’t become boring, I think of different ways to make them. A few Years ago i started making 3D skeletons which are visually a bit more fun and I have had had a few people over the years ask me how I make them so here is my method.

What you will need:


  • Royal Icing ( thick consistency, like toothpaste)


  • Piping Bag
  • Card
  • Parchment

Roll your piece of card gently so it forms the size of the rib cage you need, the secure a piece of parchment to it.

Using your icing, pipe two sides of the rib cage onto the parchment and leave to dry. On another small piece of parchment, pipe two feet and allow them to fully dry.

While the are drying, pipe the rest of your skeleton onto your cookie and allow to dry.

Once its all dry attach the ribs and feet to the cookie using a little more icing and the skeleton is ready to party!

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