Horsin’ Around Party

When my eldest asked for a horse riding party I was so excited as it was something I hadn’t thought of before. She was inspired by my mothers childhood riding hat which hangs on her bedroom wall and by the ponies we used to get for parties when they were young. Unfortunately we have moved so we can’t have ponies anymore, but we can have pony cookies! She drew the invitations and thank you cards herself, which was great delegation by me, and they were fantastic. She also had the idea of Saddle party bags and helped make them. She wanted rosettes so I made them 11 as that was the age she was turning.

For party food, there were banana cupcakes topped with chocolate ganache, crushed oreo, edible petals and a cookie spade, to mimic stable duties. Chocolate oreos topped with cookie hay bales, apples and a bucket. Horse head, rosettes and apple cookies. Also some fruit and sushi. The cake was a coconut cake with coconut buttercream decorated with a cookie stable, horse and accessories. It was so much fun to put together, I hope you enjoy the photos x

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