Easter Egg Hunt

We love to throw a little party for every occasion and especially if there is chocolate involved. My kids talk about an easter egg hunt all year so we normally have a couple of hunts over the easter period. This year I painted some little characters to base the egg hunt on. From these characters and colours I added daisies and rattan trolleys to give it a vintage feel.

For food I kept it super simple as it was just me and several kids. Rasperry cupcakes topped with coconut buttercream and shaved coconut to make a nest and three chocolate mini eggs in the party colours. Shortbread character cookies were joined with pastel egg cookies, daisy cookies and vintage trolley cookies. Chocolate covered oreos and lots of mini eggs.

For decoration I carried my characters through to the party bags and the garden decoration. It was a lovely egg hunt, and now all thats left is to work the chocolates off!

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