Dragon Arc Party

I absolutely love children’s books and have fallen in love with Dragon Arc by Magic Cat Publishing, so you can imagine my delight when my middle child requested it for her birthday theme this year. I don’t know if its my welsh heritage or refusal to grow up, but the idea of a boat sailing the world and capturing dragons is so exciting and i adore the illustration style with muted colours and touches of gold. Basing a party on a children’s book is so easy as most of the inspiration for your decoration and bakes are right there on the pages for you. I decided to concentrate on the tools that are featured on the arc like quills, books, pocket watches, and bags as they are easier and less time consuming to turn into party food than dragons. There was a selection of coconut or chocolate orange shortbread cookies, and i also made feather cookies as quills to top cup cakes. I turned chocolate dipped oreos into pocket watches and the cake was a stack of books, adorned with an edible wafer scroll with an icing seal. I hope you enjoy the details x

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