Camp Cats

Its Austin, our cat’s 2nd birthday and as we like to celebrate everything, a party is in order. I can use the cat as an excuse to throw the party themes that i have wanted and my kids haven’t agreed to, so here is my camping party theme! Whenever we erect the kids tent our cat is the first in, so i thought this theme was appropriate. With only my three kids in attendance it was always going to be a small effort as far as parties go, and in true camping style it started pouring while we were setting up. I didn’t end up putting everything out and some of the baking will look wet in the photos ha ha! The cookies were chocolate orange shortbread and the cakes were coconut with a chocolate buttercream. There are also chocolate covered oreos as my kids say its not a party without those. I hope you enjoy Camp Cats more than the birthday boy did x

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