Ruby Redfort Zoom Party

My kids have grown up with Lauren Child books and when my eldest asked for a Ruby Redfort party I was thrilled. I was not so thrilled at the idea of hosting a zoom party (due to lockdown) as the fun of kids parties for me is in the presentation, decoration and activities and I had never before translated that to an online party.

Deciding what cookies to make is always the easiest part of a party for me, I just focussed on the main elements of the book, Ruby’s fly transmitter, her book, pen and the secret messages that appear on her toast. I also had to make Ruby, who loves bubble gum.

As it was a zoom party I needed to come up with games from the Ruby Redfort book that could be played online and party packs to get the kids in the spirit.

I made each child a book, yellow like Ruby’s, containing the maps from her town. With these we played ‘Where is the agent of doom’, the kids would follow my directions and shout out the location.

‘Who is the agent of doom’ was a game where the kids would have a minute to draw a person from the party in their books and we would then guess who it was.

In their books I had written an easy alphabet code, they used this to decipher the codes that I produced, with one being greetings to the birthday girl.

The last fun activity I included was, and this is not surprising, cookies and icing for the kids to make their own Ruby Redfort cookies.

The party packs also included iced cookies, cupcakes, customised straws and partyware and a must have for any secret agent, a stick on moustache disguise. It was a lot of fun and the best thing, there was no mess afterwards x

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