Breakfast In Bed

For Mother’s Day this year maybe the mum in your life would like a sweeter breakfast in bed. These toast cookies can be made by the kids with a little instruction and help as fondant icing is really just like play doh.

What you will need:


  • Cookie Dough
  • Royal icing
  • Fondant Icing
  • Powdered Icing colours
  • Rose Spirit


When you have decided what toppings you would like, colour your fondant icing and cut out your shapes. I have picked powder colour for this as if you would like to then paint details on to your creations you can add a little rose spirit to the powder to make a paint which you can then paint on with a paintbrush.

Bake your toast cookies as in the recipe and while they are cooling make a small amount of royal icing in a bowl, to a jam consistency. You can use a spoon to plop some onto your toast and smooth around, it doesn’t have to be perfect as toast toppings are not. If you want to make hummus or nutella as the topping, colour the icing or i use a bit of cocoa in my icing for nutella. Pop your fondant creations on top and leave to dry. If you want a really simple cookie you could just do the royal icing in the colour of their favourite toast topping. Have fun and enjoy x

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