Easter Cookies

If you fancy a little baking for Easter these pastel cookies are so pretty and the kids can decorate the eggs and rainbows while you can do the fun bunnies and flowers. These cute cutters are by Meri Meri and are so versatile.

What you will need:


  • Cookie Dough
  • Fondant Icing
  • Royal Icing
  • Icing Colours
  • Edible Paint or Pen


  • Toothpick
  • Icing Bags ( I use zip lock bags and clips)
  • Paintbrush (if using edible paint)

1. Cut out and chill your cookies in the fridge on a lined baking tray for at least ten minutes while your oven heats up. Bake the cookies as in the recipe. While they are cooling make up some white royal icing, some a thick toothpaste consistency for outlines and details and some a thinner shampoo consistency for flooding the cookie, colour it to your liking and then bag the icing. 

2. For the bunny, outline your cookie with white thick icing and then flood the cookie with your thin white icing using a toothpick to pop any air bubbles. Once this has dried a little use your thick pink icing to outline the pink of the years and to draw the cheeks. Fill the pink ear outline with the thin pink icing. Leave to dry. Using fondant, make some easy fondant roses. Use some green thick icing to draw some leaves on the bunny, top with fondant roses and leave to dry. When your cookie is completely dry, paint or draw on the eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers.

3. The egg cookie is so easy and effective I often give these my kids to do. Outline the cookie in white icing, flood with thin white icing and leave to dry. Using your thick detail icing squeeze spots on top.

4. I started the flower stems and leaves first, outlining and flooding. Outline and flood the whole of the top of the flower with the colour of your choice. When it has dried a little, outline and flood the left and right petal and leave to dry. Outline and flood the lower half of each leaf. Now for a few details, using the thick icing add some lines to the flowers to define the petals and add some veins to the leaves. Leave to dry. I love the look of this set, bright and cheerful, something we all need right now x

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