Easter Egg Hunt

We normally hold two Easter egg hunts, one for my youngest child who isn’t in school yet and her friends, and another for my older kids and their friends. The only reason I like to split it up is because there are so many people we like to invite and our outdoor area is not big. When my kids learnt that we were going into lock down the first thing they asked was if we would still have an egg hunt, probably as thats the only time of the year they are guaranteed chocolate! The great thing about an egg hunt is that you can have one for one child or fifty so it went ahead today as we had good weather.

This egg hunt is based on one of our favourite books, Ruby Red Shoes by Kate Knapp, a super cute story with such lovely whimsical illustrations that really suits an egg hunt. I had made invitations, party bags, garden decorations and cookies to match those in the book. As an activity, the kids could draw and decorate their hunt bags, and i could see them peeping and giggling as I decorated the garden and hid the eggs. We all had a great time, stay safe x

3 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunt

  1. Ruby Red Shoes is one of my favorites too! 🙂 Can you please tell me how can I get the larger prints to use for an Easter Egg Hunt? Thank you! 🙂


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