Easy Fondant Roses

For a few months now i have been making these little fondant roses and a lot of you have asked how to do it do here is a quick diy for you. Everything I do is an easy quick way to get a look. Firstly colour your fondant to your liking and cut out some background leaves, these will mostly be covered with flowers so they don’t have to be perfect. Attach them to your cookie with a little dot of royal icing.

Take a little ball of fondant and roll it into a sausage, using your finger, flatten the sausage. Place it onto your index finger and use your other hard to slowly roll it, creating a flower shape, being careful not to squash it together. Trim off the bottom with a sharp knife so you have a flat bottom to sit on your cookie and attach it with a little blob of royal icing. Repeat until you have enough flowers (remembering that all flowers are different so there is no wrong or right) covering your cookie and leave to dry. Thats how simple it is, have fun x

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