The Secret Garden Party

This year our party themes have been taken from my children’s favourite books. I have used kids books before for parties as they are so inspirational for the decor and food. My middle child picked The Secret Garden which i was thrilled with as its so full to the brim with British birds, animals and scenery that it made me nostalgic. I had plans of setting the party up in front of a decorated hedge on our tiny lawn but unfortunately it was not to be as the weather was so horrendous it had to be undercover. My ideas and plans were minimised in the few hours before the party to accomodate the weather so i will have to do it all again sometime so I can see how pretty it would have been.

All of my parties start with the invitation and for this one i painted a watercolour robin and arranged it with some pressed flowers from the garden. I chose the Robin as I had recently created a woodland party for my friends child with the other possiblities, a fox, hedgehog and squirrel. I also painted some robins to decorate the back drop and some for the PAPERPlayground and FIVE STAR Party co boxes which I fell in love with as soon as I saw them. In keeping with the secret garden theme, apples, keys, gates, nests, logs, ivy and flowers were incorporated into the food and decoration with the robins.

There were two little birthday cakes instead of one large one. One was a banana cake sandwiched together with salted caramel and covered with an abstract floral cinnamon buttercream. I would like to give this another go when i have more time, it was fun and one of those things you can play around with and as its abstract no one knows if thats what its meant to look like so its perfect for a buttercream beginner like me . The other was a coconut sponge, covered with a dark chocolate ganache and decorated as a birds nest with robin cookies and chocolate eggs.

When we plan the food my kids always ask for chocolate covered Oreos, and they are so easy to make for their parties that they often help, these were topped with an ivy fondant leaf. My kids help with the party prep as long as they don’t eat everything ha ha! But the parties and the party prep is all for my kids and the older they get the more they want to do. My kids make their own thank you cards and do as much baking as their age will allow, soon I will be obsolete. Its so fun to share my passion with my favourite people. I hope you enjoy the look of our Secret Garden Party x

4 thoughts on “The Secret Garden Party

  1. Your secret garden is wonderful and really special!, I love it! The robin is a masterpiece in all his versions and cake is so sweet❣️ And mostly I love your job with the kids❤️ Fantastica Sally!


  2. Those Apple cupcakes!! Love your blog, Sally!!! Love the way your involve your kids and explore creativity together. XO Jenny (239 Cookies)


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