Saturday Night Feline

This weekend our cat, Austin had his first birthday so we had to throw him a party. As he waltzes around like he owns the place, and is black and white, I thought ‘Saturday Night Feline’ suited him well. I haven’t seen Saturday Night Fever so i googled John Travolta for the famous picture and turned that into a cat cookie to adorn the cake. I made some chocolate tiny cats using Meri Meri cutters and iced them with white royal icing. Chocolate disco mirror ball cookies were also on the menu, a super sparkly one using edible glitter and the others more subdued with a dark chocolate ganache filling. The cake was layers of banana cake, sandwiched with dark chocolate ganache and covered with another generous layer of ganache (it is my favourite) which was melting in todays heat, as it stood there waiting for the end of happy birthday.

Austin didn’t seem interested in the party games, but my kids had organised this part of the party, drawing Austin for ‘pin the tail on Austin’ and insisted on holding him for musical chairs! The five of us had a good time and I think I will ask for air conditioning from Santa this year x

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