Crypt Halloween Party

Halloween is a great excuse to throw a little party, my kids can dress up and party with their friends after school and I can chat to mine. This year i decided to go with a decrepit tomb theme based around skeletons, crows and snakes ( yes I did love Indiana Jones). For the decoration i bought lots of cheap plastic bones and a skeleton from a local shop, to add to some gravestones that we already had. I spent an evening in front of the tv drawing and cutting out black crows which i suspended with some black cotton. I covered our white party table in black wrapping paper and topped it with baking paper for a layered mottled grey colour and the flowers were anemones as i love them and they have a gothic vibe.

I always love making the party food in the theme, and obviously there would be lots of cookies, snakes, skulls and skulls wrapped with snakes. For my skull wrapped in a snake cookie cutter check out MACStencils. My kids beg me to make chocolate covered oreos whenever we have a party, so this time i added a skeleton hand to make them creepy.

For the cakes i made lots of chocolate and banana mini loaves, topped them with chocolate glaze, crushed oreo cookie ‘earth’, some icing bones and a RIP party project gravestone with a crow. Chocolate skull bundt cakes were also drizzled with a dark chocolate glaze.

For a fruity touch i made eye balls by popping a blueberry inside a lychee. I added some of these to the water dispenser and the kids like watching them bobbing around. I sprinkled some blueberries over watermelon and garnished with passionfruit. It was so delicious I don’t think i can eat watermelon without passionfruit again!

Wishing you all a deliciously creepy Halloween x

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