Skeleton Cookies

My friend bought me a cute skeleton cake pan from Williams Sonoma and as I have made the cute skeleton cakes a few times I thought i would use it for cookies. This is such an easy way to make cookies that the kids help me. The skeleton cakes are great but you can’t use use them to decorate a cake as well as some cookies. You could also stick these skeleton cookies onto sticks for a halloween party treat.

What you will need:



  • Skeleton cake pan
  • Icing bags (I use zip lock bags and clips)
  • Toothpick
  • Plastic wrap
  1. Line your cake pan with plastic wrap so that the cookie dough doesn’t stick to the pan. Take pieces of malleable dough and press it into the pan so that the pan imprints the dough with the skeleton shape. Try and get it as flat as possible but it doesn’t have to be perfect as it will be underneath the cookie. Once they are all done, invert the pan onto a lined baking tray and carefully remove the plastic wrap. Bake in the oven as in the recipe and allow to totally cool.

2. Once the cookies are cool, add some water to your royal icing to make it to a thick consistency. Use your cake pan as a guide and if needed use your toothpick to move the icing. As its only a little icing it dries quite quickly. Now you have some easy delicious spooky skeleton cookies for Halloween x

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