Dad’s Cookie Tools

When i saw MACStencils tiny little tools i had to have some. They can be iced in bright yellow or orange but when I think of my Dad’s tools i think of old school wooden handles which can easily be achieved with a little melted dark chocolate. If my husband pulls off the DIY he is doing this weekend he will get these as a reward, if not the kids will eat them!

What you will need:



  • Icing bags (I use zip lock bags and clips)
  • Toothpick
  • rolling pin
  • Butter Knife
  • Cookie Cutters
  1. Cut out your cookies and chill them in the fridge for ten minutes before baking so the cookies keep their shape. Bake as in my cookie recipe. When the cookies have totally cooled, melt some chocolate in a bowl in the microwave for 30 seconds and stir. I put it back in for 10 second blocks and stir each time until it is completely smooth. Using your butter knife, smooth some chocolate onto the handles of your tools and let the chocolate set on the cookie, in the fridge. Once set use the butter knife to lightly scrape some detail onto the handles.

2. Now for the icing. Make up two bowls of icing, one a thick toothpaste consistency for the outlines and the details, and the other icing a thin shampoo consistency for flooding the cookie. Colour your icing silver, I have used a silver powder colour. Draw the outlines onto your cookies with the thick icing and flood the area with the flooding icing. Use a toothpick to remove any air bubbles. Leave your cookies to dry.

3. Once your cookies are dry you can add some details onto each tool with the thick icing. You can eat these simply like this or use them to decorate a cake. I have baked a coconut and raspberry cake, covered it in a dark chocolate ganache and then topped with a solid chocolate table, the tools and some fondant screws. A cute cookie DIY perfect for a DIY dad x

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