Father’s Day Cookie Kit

In our house we always like to have fun with Daddy, so this year the kids and i have baked him a Dad’s kit containing all the essentials a dad needs. Heavy duty wrinkle cream, ear plugs, nose hair scissors, pain relief gel, ‘Dad flu’ preventor tablets, hair loss tonic and a hair piece for those little emergencies! Its the sort of kit any dad would appreciate as its fun and tasty, and you could get the kids involved in so many ways. There are lots of possibilities with these MACStencils cutters for you make the cookies he will enjoy and label them as you wish.

What you will need:



  • Icing Bags (I use zip lock bags and clips)
  • Toothpick
  • Paintbrush (if using paint)
  • Rolling Pin
  • Cutters
  1. Cut out your cookies and chill them in the fridge for ten minutes before baking so the cookies keep their shape. Bake as in my cookie recipe. While your cookies are cooling make up your royal icing into two bowls, one a thick toothpaste consistency for out lining your cookies and for adding details, the other a thinner shampoo consistency for flooding the cookie. Colour and bag your icing. Once the cookies have completely cooled, draw the outlines on your cookies to act as barriers for your flooding icing. Flood this area with the flooding icing and use to toothpick to remove any air bubbles. Leave this area dry and move onto another cookie.

2.To make the labels, roll out some fondant icing between two sheets of baking paper. Reuse the cutters to cut the fondant the right size, then trim it down with a sharp knife. You can decorate your labels with edible paint or edible pen. when your label is ready carefully pick it up without stretching the fondant and place it on top of the wet icing on your cookie. If your icing is dry or you have no icing on the cookie, squeeze a little thin icing onto the cookie and place the label on top.

3. The cookies are starting to take shape. Outline and flood any areas that are left to do and leave to dry. Once they have dried you can add some details, like bubbles in the bottle or detail lines on the lids of the tube and jars using the thick outline icing. I made the ear plugs out of fondant icing that i coloured with a yellow gel food colour.

I hope you enjoy my different spin on Father’s Day x

2 thoughts on “Father’s Day Cookie Kit

  1. Once again you Ar amazing
    I have tried and failed to produce such fantastic biscuits but have decided I could win an award for the worst ones in the uk
    But keep up the good work and keep me trying


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