Lemon Llamas

One of my favourite Instagram accounts is paperplayground. Astrid is so inspiring and imagine my excitement when she made me some beautiful bonbons to match my lemon llama biscuits. I knew I would have to keep them for my early birthday celebration. I have always lusted after paper playground’s paperie and now I had some based on my cookie creations. I was absolutely thrilled!! Can you tell I only had two birthday parties as a child ha ha!

One of my birthday traditions that began a few years ago when I started baking was that I would help my kids bake and decorate my birthday cake. I much prefer the taste of home baking than a bought cake, I don’t really care what it looks like as long as it tastes good! Each year their creations are amazing and I can see their talents growing. This year they wanted to bake a mountain lemon cake with the lemon llamas collecting the lemons. There were two versions as they couldn’t decide on the final look and I never choose a favourite, I like all of their ideas. 

For the guests that didn’t eat cake (yes I let them into the party) we also made a white chocolate llama mouse. It was easy to make and now that Woolworths stock little dessert cups, simple desserts can be included in a party easily, and they can be made well in advance, if you have the fridge space.

With all of these delicious treats, the cake that my children made and my beautiful bonbons I had a really special early birthday celebration!! X

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