Making Cards with Cookie Cutters

I always like to re purpose what I already have. One of the other things I use my cookie cutters for is for making cards. At Christmas I use a reindeer or elf cutters as a stencil and my kids make Christmas cards. The older two are happy to draw around it with the pencil and then colour in the shape. My youngest one uses the thick side of a MACStencils cookie cutter as a non toxic paint stamp. Don’t worry it washes straight off. I have also used them here to make a quick card for a new neighbour to go along with some cactus cookies.

I decided on a cactus theme as they are fashionable at the moment and they have some in their garden. Firstly, I work out my placement and draw very lightly around the inside of the cookie cutters. 

Then I fill one of the cactus with water and take some paint around the outline letting it go where it wants to go. The water will carry it around and you can build up more paint where you would like to. Let each section dry before you start the next cactus otherwise the paints will run into each other.

Keep building up the paint and details, waiting for it to dry a little in between. I painted this while making afternoon tea and unpacking the school bags, painting a little then doing a job. It made the jobs less tedious as I was thinking of the painting ha ha! Remember if you are not interested in making it yourself you can always get the kids to do it. If they are like mine they will jump at the chance! Hope you have some fun x

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