Hong Kong Farewell Party

When your kids have best friends, their mums become your good friends too, it’s always fun to have them around for play dates and parties. We were very sad to hear that my child’s BFF and her family were moving back to Hong Kong so we threw a small leaving party for them. It had to be a low maintenance party with the food prepared beforehand as it was on a school/work day. 

First I designed the cookies, playing loosely on the Hong Kong theme, drawing a waving cat and a take away box. I’ve always wanted food in these take away boxes since I saw them on Seinfeld but I am yet to get one! These cookies became the base for the party, and I had them made into cutters by MACStencils. These cookies were a lot of fun to make and there are lots of possibilities.

To continue the theme on I drew the take away box motif onto some white cup cake cases. Inside were banana muffins, topped with cinnamon buttercream and drizzled with maple syrup. 

As there was an equal mix of adults and children I provided some ‘adult treats’ in the form of strawberry and watermelon cups and a white chocolate cheesecake topped with a raspberry and a square of Lindt chocolate.

I made a raspberry lemon coulis to add to the sparkling mineral water for the kids to have a refreshing drink after school and topped it with lime and mint. We also had the coulis in our sparking wine. 

For the decorations, I bought some red and white lanterns from the variety store and some red, white and gold embroidery thread. I made tassels with the thread and attached them to the bottom of the lanterns. It was all very easy (apart from keeping them away from the kitten) and quite effective.

And my plan worked, our friends said they would definitely come back to visit, if I throw another party! X

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