Mouse Party

One of my earliest memories is of a toy my mother had from her childhood. It was a tiny hand stitched mouse that was kept in a small  matchbox and occasionally she would let me play with it. This was the thing I asked to have in her Will but unfortunately it has been misplaced over the years. So it’s no surprise that when I had children and discovered Maileg mice I fell totally in love! 

Last year I decided to make some Maileg mice inspired cookies for the children at a large family gathering. First I would have to draw one to use as a stencil to cut the cookies. The cookies were a huge hit and it was then that my three year old asked for a mouse party. The mice were tricky to cut by hand so MACStencils turned my design into a cutter. 

I used my drawing again as the base for the invitations. The Maileg mice come in big matchbox beds. I printed out the image on the box and used that to make cards into a slide out bed for the mice. Each mouse was dressed in a mustard yellow dress and the ‘bedding’ was white, blue and charcoal. The white, mustard and charcoal became the colours I would focus on for the party. 

As decoration for the feature wall at the party I made a much bigger mouse. I painted her with water colours and used the same material for her dress that I had used on the mini invitation mice. This large mouse was used at the end of the party for a ‘pin the tail on the mouse’ game. The mice gave me a traditional old British feel, so to play on that I added bunting as decoration made from colours that tied into the party and I could buy at my local newsagent. 

My child loves party hats but I couldn’t find any in the colours we were after. I bought some cheap ones from Kmart and covered them in brown paper. I found some wool at the local variety store and using the fork method made some pom-poms for the tops which I secured with a glue gun! 

The food for the party was an absolute delight to make, it was so cute! The cookies consisted of matchbox bed cookies, cheese slices and mouse cookies. 

The cupcakes were banana and chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and two Oreo ears. Or you could have a banana cake with vanilla buttercream and a royal icing cheese slice.

Using white chocolate and Oreos I made some chocolate mice. These were a little trickier than expected as my kids kept eating them before I could finish making them!!! I found fruit that I could tie into the party colours, pineapple and rockmelon although it was only the mums eating it. 

The cake was really easy to make. It was a square coconut and raspberry cake covered in a dark chocolate ganache. I decorated a couple of extra mouse cookies in pjs and an eye mask. I made a knitted blanket, pillows, two slices of cheese and the ‘daily mouse’ newspaper to decorate the bed. If I’d had time I would have loved to have made slippers either side of the bed and a little tray with teacups on it, but simple is better when you don’t have that much time! I really loved how the cake turned out, and more importantly my kids loved it! 

For party favours my friend @babycakes_newcastle crocheted little finger puppet mice and I turned matchboxes into the party theme with brown paper and some more printing. They looked so cute, I hope our little guests take them home and love them as much as I loved my mother’s little mouse x 

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