Sushi Party

As my eldest was turning 9 I opted for a smaller birthday party after school. With five of her friends invited (and my three), 8 was enough for a school/work day. Sushi was chosen as the food which turned out great for me as I could buy some sushi for the party on my way home from work. 
Our party theme became ‘soy glad it’s my birthday’ and I made some invitations and ‘soy glad you came’ party bags to match. 

For the decor I googled ‘sushi birthday’ in Japanese and painted this onto brown paper. I wanted to keep things very simple for the look of this party. Each place setting had a ‘soy glad it’s my birthday’ soy sauce bottle cookie.

I decided to make sushi cookies, sushi chocolate covered Oreos, sushi cupcakes and some kimono cookies for the party bags. All of these could be made beforehand and stored ready for the party. For the sushi cookies to look more realistic I made icing transfers a few days before making the cookies and topped the cookies with them when I iced them. The sushi set and relaxed kimono cutters were from MACStencils

For the cupcakes I couldn’t find plain black cases, so I used white and then cut black card to go around the case to give a sushi look. I used fondant icing to make some pickled ginger and other toppings for the cupcakes. The chocolate covered Oreos were made by my youngest who spooned melted white chocolate into a mould, topped with an Oreo and more melted chocolate. After they had set we made them into sushi by topping with sprinkles, icing transfers and some black edible art paint. 

For the cake I used more cookies to make a bento box cake. The cake itself was layers of coconut cake sandwiched together with dark chocolate ganache. I covered the cake with ganache (you can never have too much chocolate ha ha) and painted a red strip of fondant around the bento box. The bento box contained tempura prawn, salmon nigiri, sushi, rice and edamame. I painted little faces on some to match the invitation and party bags. And that was our little sushi party x

To see my Sushi Cookie DIY visit Confetti Fair.

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